Weblead API


With this api you can create new leads in the CRM from any third party software.

This API will also help you to automate the lead entry into the CRM.


Method: GET

URL to access the API

URL: https://api.intueri.io/weblead.php


apikey= API Key for the CRM (available on the panel under setting) Get your API Key from here.

leadName= Name of the customer

leadPhone= Customer's phone number

leadEmail= Customer's email Id

department= Department ID (numeric) to which, you want to transfer the lead. This is an optional field.

leadQuery = Remarks of the customer

leadConversionPage= Either you can add the URL of the page from where you are getting the lead or you can enter any message.

leadIP  = IP address of the lead

Mandatory Parameters: Either leadPhone or leadEmail must be mentioned while submitting to the API hit point.

Rate Limit: 60 hits/minute

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